Under Attack + Adsense ¿Can I be Banned? *Real Case*

Hi! I have been hit hard with a DDoS attack last 4 days, and I have been with the Under Attack mode for these last 3 days, and now my Analytics shows this:


Instead of normal traffic, all I see is “Direct” cause of the “Under Attack Mode” ¿That can harm my AdSense account due to invalid traffic?

And I need help please, can’t stop this DDoS, I have searched everythwere, paid the 20$/month cloudflare and nothing stops this DDoS, Only the “Under Attack Mode” And it is making me nervous. Please Help guys!

It will be really appreciated! Thanks!

Hi, please provide your main domain, did you config your firewall rules?

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No, you won’t be banned for being attacked.


Aside from UAM, what steps have you taken to fight the attack?

Some ideas here


Sure! This is my domain: https://www.kikonutinomods.com/

I have done everything that DDoS help support posts show, and can’t stop it.

BTW It stopped yesterday for 24h, and now is back at attacking my web. Only “Under Attack Mode” really helps, but I’m affraid that AdSense will be harmed because of that.

Thanks for responding!

I did put a limit on the request of the users, browsers, search engines and things with “Wordfence Plugin”. And did put firewall, advanced anti bot system from Cloudflare and tons of the things that came on that posts, but nothing seems to really work.

Only “Under Attack mode”, btw

Thanks for responding! Really appreciate it!

I think rate limiting would help also and there is a even Adsense plugin that will stop invalid traffic

Hello, from my side (Colombia), your domain worked very well, no error is observed. CLoudflare is powerful and helps you mitigate attacks; What damages your SEO?, connection errors, speed, etc.

The attack mode can affect the first load (speed), so I think it cannot be a default rule.

I suggest you define rules in the firewall to mitigate the attack.

Did you enabled additional protections such as?:

  1. HotLink protection.

  2. Bot Fight mode.

  3. What firewall rules have you defined?

Attach an image of the general report of the firewall, to help you analyze which is the harmful traffic.

The speed limiter works fine, when you have analyzed the number of requests, but it can ban legitimate traffic if this rule is not defined correctly.

Can you share the firewall rules you deployed?

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