Under Atacck mode blocks REST API on WP webiste

Hello, I am using a TRACKSHIP.INFO website for updating shipping details on my website. I have put my website in “Under Atack” mode due to recent DDOS attacks on my website. But whenever I enable the under attack mode. The REST API stop working and stop updating the tracking details on the website.

My question is that, can we add the REST API in exception ? Can someone give me any work-around ?


First option: create a new firewall rule to Bypass Security Level for the specific URL which is used for REST API.

Second option: create a page rule to adjust security level for specific URL.

Third option: don’t set Security Level to I’m Under Attack mode. Instead, create a new firewall rule to send Managed Challenge IF the URL does not equal to the REST API URL. It provides the same outcome as I’m Under Attack Mode.