Uncorrect invoice

Hello! Help me to delete uncorrect invoice. I’m not use Spectrum. I think this is mistake of the system. My tickets: 3219650 and 3219715.

I wrote three tickets and I don’t see them. There is no authorization on the support page.

The button “SIGN IN” does not work.

I see a couple of tickets, one 3219715 & 3219650.

Please do not open any more tickets.

As communicated earlier today on 3219715, you need to respond to that ticket from the account my colleague indicated. You can do that via email.

I’ll flag your post here for my Support colleagues and let them sort through the duplicate tickets.

Sorry for the issues and I am sure the Billing Support team will be able to assist.

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We’ll keep the conversation in 3219650 and I had previously flagged that for my colleauges.

Thanks a lot.

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