Uncommanded "purge everything"

We’re seeing uncommanded “purge everything” events on the Audit Log - every 5-10 minutes. These are not caused by our site. (We took the site offline and removed if from the hosting, removed any cronjobs on cPanel, and the “purge everything” events still occur). The IPs detailed in the audit log events are in the ranges and . These are Cloudflare IPs, but not related to our sites or nameservers. They are also listed on various spam blacklists. We range blocked them, but it seems to have no effect. Our site - which hasn’t even been launched yet - seems to be targeted by these “purge everything” events. If anyone can advise or help it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Change your global API key and revoke any suspicious API tokens.

Thanks. I will try that.

Very many thanks for this - fingers crossed - that seems to have stopped the issue.

Can I ask, is this something that happens often?

This happens when someone has a caching plugin on their site that’s configured to purge the Cloudflare cache whenever they update content. The user would have to have gone through some steps to enter their email address and Cloudflare API key for this to happen.

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