Unclear how to move domain between CF accounts

It is very unclear on how I am to get a domain moved from one CloudFlare account to another one. The article Moving Domains between CloudFlare Accounts just gives a lot of fluff information, and talks about transferring domains between registrars, but doesn’t actually explain how to initiate the transfer.

So how does it work?

  • Do I open a support ticket? Seems costly.
  • Do I delete the domain in the original account, and re-add it to the new one, and hope the name-servers remain the same and there is no down time? Seems unlikely.
  • Do I just try to add the domain to the new account and then I’ll get a prompt to request a transfer?
  • Something else?

It should be this difficult.

It just boils down to adding that domain to the other account, then setting the new name servers back at your registrar.

It’s the same process you went through the first time you add any domain to Cloudflare. So you’re starting from scratch on that other Cloudflare account.