UncaughtCorsError on Safari

Hello, sorry I’m new on all this and I don’t have a lot technical skills. I built a website with Odoo (no development, just the standard Odoo saas) and my domain is on Gandi through Cloudflare. The site is working ok on every platform but I have the following non blocking error on iphone (safari) when using the previous page button from Safari.
(The site is working Ok on Chrome, Firefox, Edge with NO error).
On Safari Each time I use the previous page button I have the following :
Erreur CORS non interceptée
Erreur CORS inconnue

Une erreur CORS inconnue est survenue.
L’erreur provient probablement d’un fichier JavaScript servi depuis une origine différente.
(Ouvrir votre navigateur pourrait vous donner une indication de l’erreur.)
Does anyone know the meaning of this and what I must look and where ?
Thanks in advance for any idea, solution, answer.

Can you share the name of the website and the steps to reproduce the error @brunel.s2?

domain : lesbijouxdeselene.fr
on safari : you go on site www.lesbijouxdeselene.fr
you go in “boutique”
then just clic on the previous page from safari and you will see the error.

After navigating back and forth several times without issue, I managed to trigger an error

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://www.lesbijouxdeselene.fr/shop/access_point/get due to access control checks.

This was navigating to/from https://www.lesbijouxdeselene.fr/shop/oeuf-en-agate-orque-20?category=19#attr=

This appears (possibly) different to what you see, though it only happened in Safari—I couldn’t replicate in Firefox.

Are you on Mac OS ? I didn’t test on MAC OS as I have no MAC… But on IOS, the error UncaughtCorsError happened all the time (I thought that this would be the same from Safari IOS and Safari Mac Os but may be not ?).

Complement : I’ve tested firefox, Chrome, Edge and neeva (even if it is going to disappear) and no problem at all on all those browser (on IOS, Android and on Windows). So there is something “special” for Safari but what ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, I tested on macOS. I have no iOS/iPadOS devices to test on.

Safari is a little special. Not in a good way though.

My best advice is to find someone you know that has a macOS and iOS/iPadOS device who can help you debugging as this is likely a quicker and more streamlined option. (This is not to say others in the community may not have something they could add to the conversation.)

Thanks for your message. One question : When you said “…to find someone you know that has a macOS and iOS/iPadOS device who can help you debugging as this is likely a quicker and more streamlined option”, you mean that this is not a cloudflare option which cause the problem or that you don’t know where it comes from in cloudflare ? (sorry, I’m french and my english is not so good).

And my French is terrible! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I don’t believe there is any part played by Cloudflare in this. I believe it is purely an issue with the way your site and Safari interact (some people don’t always get along.)

Sorry I forgot to close this. The proble was a bug on ios and Odoo made a patch to turn around it.
The problem has been solved and it was not an issue with cloudflare. Thansk for your help