Uncaught ReferenceError: gtag is not defined

There is an error in Firefox Console:
Uncaught ReferenceError: gtag is not defined
Is this something that needs to be fixed? Is it affecting site performance?
Thank you!

Try disabling Rocket Loader

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I just wonder, if it can be related to any FireFox privacy settings or some extension like Adblock/Adguard?

I haven’t seen this on pages except when I enabled Adblock/Adguard, while the pages were using Cloudflare and Rocket Loader.

  • and few other scripts involved, like jQuery-thing

Gtag is related to Google Analytics, and should not affect your website perfromance at all from my point of view.

Furthermore, Rocket Loader should help your website be faster regarding render blocking, etc. stuff. (if somehow not in conflict with some other script, then would be good to try and disable it as @sandro aready mentioned).

In order to disable Rocket Loader, you will need to disable the Rocket Loader option in your Cloudflare account (under the Speed tab → Optimization):

Rocket Loader is mentioned here, but it is not a Rocket Loader issue as the same error shows up on the origin as well.

I am afraid that’s not a Cloudflare issue but something in your site’s code and needs to be fixed there. You might want to check out StackExchange for more advice on that in this case.

gtag referenceerror - Google Search might help.

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