Uncached requests reduction

I have CF CDN with the PRO plan.
I checked with the Analytics and I have 2% uncached requests.
This cause performance reduction.
The number of request >> number of pages (much bigger).
How can I reduce the uncached request ratio?
Is there a way to cache all the files on the edge server always?

The 2% of uncached requests can be HTML pages or any dynamic requests.

You need to determine whether is it okay to cache all HTML pages, as it may break some functionality like login pages - although you can exclude them.

To cache the other files, refer to this link:

The website have only static HTML pages.
I have a cache everything page rule for 1 day.
The are less than 1000 html pages.

If they are just cached for one day the Cache will be gone after that day and the request will be land in “Cache: MISS” and therefore beeing proxied to the origin Server.

If you increase the Edge Cache TTL your uncached requests in percentages will get lower.

There are about ~140K of uncached requests per day, and only ~800 html pages.
So I think that increasing Edge Cache TTL should not make a difference…

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