Uncached requests not being seen by my web host

Hello, this is a first post, and to start with I thank Cloudflare for saving me from the effects of malicious traffic. Cloudflare is currently (or at least has been, within the last 24 hours) saving my site from a (D)DOS attack.

One thing confuses me, though. According to the Analytics tab of my Cloudflare account, 3,361,926 requests to my site were uncached, yet the statistics for my account on my web host (AWStats) show that only a tiny fraction (several thousands at most) of these uncached requests made it to my web server.

Why does Cloudflare analytics show vastly more uncached requests than my web host’s statistics show?

Hi @lairdshaw maybe this will explain ?

Thanks for that, @danstock. I don’t think it explains what I’m seeing though, because the stats I’m looking at have nothing to do with Javascript: they are compiled from Apache server logs.