Unblock Unblocked IP

Hello, something strange with that IP
It blocked by CF by @ Rule ID `badscore’ with challenge.
But I added IP to bypass+allow in Firewall Rules and IP still blocked.

It’s a legit user and I have no idea how to allow him to play game under CF protect.

Also, “badscore” is not out firewall rule

Is it Bypass - Security Level?

all of them
problem not in bypass I think. because its looks like this.

rules ignored in this case. zero procs on whitelist rule.

What are the first three firewall rules? If the traffic matches any of the first three firewall rules before the number 4 rule, then the number 4 rule will not be executed.

allow, allow, off, that rule

You probably need to move the 4th rule to the very top.

done, wait for user’s report
but prev rules allow traffic by page URL and should solve it too
but maybe this will help, will see

Sometimes I just add the IP address as an Allow in Firewall → Tools.

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