Unblock a user

One of the people that work on a site that’s sitting behind Cloudflare has been blocked with an Error 1010. I have their Ray ID. I want to unblock them so that they can get on and do their job. I can’t seem to find a way to unblock them though. How do I do this?


The 1010 error message states that the domain owner is blocking this request based on your web browser’s signature.

If you are the site owner:

A website admin can turn this feature off by doing the following: Settings->CloudFlare Settings->Browser Integrity Check->Toggle Off.

If you are a site visitor:

A firewall, proxy, a browser plugin or extension may be throwing a false positive. Try visiting the site with a different browser as an alternative way of accessing the site.

CloudFlare’s Browser Integrity Check is similar to Bad Behavior and looks for common HTTP headers abused most commonly by spammers and denies access to your page. It will also challenge visitors that do not have a user agent or a non standard user agent (also commonly used by abuse bots, crawlers or visitors).

There are a few hints here on what the trigger could be, so you might want to check your browser settings or add-ons. Or SE could disable this feature if the harm outweighs the benefit.

If it is the case that you cannot load analytics the problem may not actually be browser settings. Checkout https://www.cloudflarestatus.com in case CloudFlare are having system/network issues.

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