Unavailable domains after changing DNS

Hello everybody. 2 days ago I’ve changed DNS for some of my websites to CloudFlare DNS. But I still see DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error in Chrome while I’m trying to open any of them. DNS records in my CF account are OK

At the same time, I have changed DNS for another domains which I bought in another place to CF DNS - and they started to work in a few hours after changing DNS.

I didn’t find any helpful information in the Help Center or here. There are no errors in my account or something else which can help me to find the issue.

Here are few of the domains which are unavailable


Any ideas what should I check? Thanks in advance

At first sight, for http://nabotatt.ru/ there is redirection loop, while for https://nettson.ru/ stuck at loading, for http://nizk.ru/ is redirection loop too.

What SSL options have you got selected/enabled at Cloudflare dashboard for your domains? Can be Flexible SSL or Full SSL …?
Have you had an SSL certificate already installed on your origin server before moving to the Cloudflare?

Moreover, what about Always Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites?

Are all the hostname (records) at Cloudflare are :orange:?



Thanks a lot for the answer!
I started to use CF not a long time ago and still didn’t get why some of domains need “flexible” and some need “full” ssl settings to avoid redirect loop. what does it depend on?

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I am happy to assist you! :wink:

The difference between Flexible SSL and Full SSL is how Cloudflare connects and handles requests from and to between a visitor and your host/origin server.

In short using Flexible SSL, it will display “secure connection and HTTPS” at the visitor’s web browser, while in the background it could use HTTP (unsecure connection) from Cloudflare to your host/origin.

In addition of using Full SSL, the Cloudflare connects to your host/origin via HTTPS connection and a user/visitor to Cloudflare connection is also secured via HTTPS (end-to-end). For Full SSL, you would need to have and install an SSL certificate at your web host/origin server for your domain (which would also contain sub-domain like www, mail, ftp, etc.).

Usually, we use Flexible SSL when we do not have an SSL certificate at our web host/origin server. Otherwise, regarding security and protection, both host and end user, either some kind of a privacy, we use Full SSL for more benefits :wink:

In case you are interested in creating an SSL certificate, or purchasing one, or either using Cloudflare Origin CA certificate, there are also tutorials how to create one, or buy, or install CF Origin CA certificate (to accomplish the Full SSL needs and benefits). In case you would need some help, you can always write to Community :slight_smile:

Kindly, more detailed information how does SSL work at Cloudflare and why for example Flexible SSL is not recommend you can find at the article below:


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