Unauthorized payment after subscription cancellation

I canceled the paid subscription at the end of May, you sent me the cancellation confirmation despite this on June 7th you withdrew the money from PayPal I opened the dispute and I was told that I also had to cancel the authorization of automatic debits which I did. To the emails I wrote you you have not given an answer because since May it appears that I have a free plan but you have taken the money. Today you report in the reserved area that the invoice cannot be issued because the withdrawal you wanted to make on July 7 was not successful. I still await the reimbursement of the abusive payment made to me on June 7 and a reply to the various emails sent.
Has anyone else experienced such behavior?

Hi there,

Sorry for the issues you faced here. You mentioned you wrote to us, can you confirm did you receive a confirmation with a ticket number?

I can use this to review the case and confirm what is happening.

I sent you email that I received from CloudFlare on 31 May, I sent some
mails to billings@ but no one replied me.

also ticket: [Cloudflare Support] #2177643 topic:
Jun 7, 2021, 6:51 AM PDT

I dowgrade to free plan on 31 May 2021 but today you charged me by

Hi @user8787,

Can you check Rules → Page Rules in your dashboard and see if you are subscribed for anything there? When you downgrade from Pro to Free, you get an option that looks like this, and I suspect you enabled an additional 20 rules during the downgrade.


If I have activated something it will have been months and months ago,
so if there is something more to pay if I ask for the dowgrade you
answer me that it cannot be done, instead of sending me the email
confirming the transition to the free plan.

However I only have 3 rules set and I have not purchased any other

After you charged me on June 7th I tried to ask for assistance in adding
some records but the support for the free plan is non-existent, but I
had paid, at which point the hosting technician gave me a hand.

I also wrote to billing and no one answered me.

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