Unauthorized Charges in my Cloudflare dashboard

Hello Cloudflare community, just a few hours ago, I got a double debit alert of $7.14 USD via via bank sms and a single debit via PayPal for a service I know nothing about.

Please, the team specialized in resolving this kind of issues should come to my aid. I am begging that you

look into this for me because I am surprised and never authorized this payment.

Sorry for the confusion, can you report this to my colleagues on the #general:billing team via a billing ticket? https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

Once you have a ticket number, please share it here. The team can only discuss Billing issues with your privately on a ticket. But, thank you for alerting us to the question here.


I have just done that. Thanks Cloonan for the reply.


Can you share the ticket number and I will make sure my colleagues see it