Unable use IPv6 under CNAME

My domain has IPv6 and IPv4, also my server also.
Why I dig www.ookangzheng.com AAAA return no IPV6?
If I dig ookangzheng.com AAAA, it works perfectly.


You either need to unproxy that record or - depending on your setup - stop flattening non-root CNAMEs.

This is my setting, I put CNAME www go through proxy

You need to switch that record to :grey:

Ya, it works. but how can I get www.ookangzheng.com AAAA using Cloudflare IPV6?

I am not sure about your question, as I already addressed it twice. Unproxy it and stop flattening CNAMES, in case you do.

Sorry for my bad english I dont know what does this mean.
Now everything works fine.
I deleted CNAME record, add www with A & AAAA record manually, turn on proxy yellow cloud… It works :joy:

Right now it does return IPv6 entries but these are Cloudflare’s proxies. Is that what you want or do you want the actual IP address to show up?

In general, visitor will use www.ookangzheng.com visit my site.

I want to hide my server IPv4 and v6. So I turn on Cloudflare’s proxies ~~

All right, in that case you should not unproxy anything. So the current setup should be okay then.

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