Unable to Whitelist Sucuri Site Scan from Bot Fighting Mode

The subject line pretty much says it all. I use Sucuri’s excellent security plugin on all my Wordpress sites, but since enabling your new bot fighting mode (both the free one and the pro plan ‘super’ mode, with good bots allowed), their site scan no longer works. I have tried whitelisting both their ASN and their hostname, but neither works (I can’t use their IPs as they keep changing). Is there any way I can whitelist them? Or alternatively, shouldn’t they be recognised as a good bot by your system anyway?

No way to get around SBFM - no bypass option.

If you need this to work, turn off SBFM. As it is, SBFM is pretty much useless.

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To be added to the Cloudflare allowlist, ask them to submit this online application.

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Thanks for the info. I will contact Sucuri about this.

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