Unable to verify email address for a client account

I am not receiving emails from Cloudflare to the email account mentioned in ticket #2191374
I submitted a ticket but I keep getting useless automated “bot” replies. From what I read this happens when the email is added to a suppression list, which I don’t know why since, it’s a company email I just created a few hours ago for the account to hand it over to a client, please assist, thank you.


I guess you already tried to send an e-mail to that account from another address and it works?

Yes, the email is working just fine.

I see that ticket with Support, you are receiving the same reply as you opened a second ticket. No need to do that and it slows down replies for you & everyone, as mentioned in the first ticket, This is an automated response, which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.

I see an agent is on 2190995 and that is the ticket to use. I also see the mails are being bounced from your server Recipient mailbox provider permanently rejected the email. Can you check if the account is blocking [email protected]?

As mentioned in the email from Support, The message will be titled **[Cloudflare]: Instructions for changing your Cloudflare password** , sent from [email protected] . If you can't find the email, start the reset process again.

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Thank you @cloonan appreciate all the help, sorry for having duplicate entries, it has to do with a glitch with the setup, where I realized the system doesn’t allow me to log in to the ticketing system till I verify my email address, yet it seems to accept the ticket, which is about me being unable to verify the email address : )

I checked and nothing is blocked from Cloudflare, we’re relying on Google Workspace if that’s at all helpful, one more thing to note, I receive emails from the ticketing system of Cloudflare, but not password reset or activation emails.

Please let me know if there is more information I can provide or steps to take. Thank you so much.

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In Google Workspace there are inbound logs, in which you can search if an e-mail from a specific e-mail address has come in to the whole domain and if they filtered it.


Good tip from @matteo. I just kicked off a verification email, can you see if you received that? I show the latest one as delivered.


I did receive that last activation email @cloonan I will try the password reset now to confirm if works as well, thank you.

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Following up, the password reset email worked too, @cloonan I changed nothing on my end, was it the same manual fix to remove the email address form a list at CloudFlare?

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I suspected the account rejected an email at one point and future sends were actually being suppressed on our end, so I removed the blocks that caused the issue. Sorry for the troubles, let us know if you need anything further.


Thank you for all the help, appreciate it. If I may suggest since this seems to be a frequent issue based on the duplicate posts over time, It would be more productive for Cloudflare community and for everyone to have an automated tool from the dashboard, that would remove the emails from that list, but again, thank you so much : )

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That’s risky. The reason they’re on that list is to protect Cloudflare’s email reputation. Some people have a tendency to flag any unwanted message as Spam without thinking about what it really means. So if someone’s address is on the supression list, and they remove it just for an alert, then re-flag followup mail as Spam, it makes Cloudflare look like it’s not respecting removal requests which results in harsh consequences.

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