Unable to verify e-mail, support auto-closes request

I am trying to verify my e-mail address (associated with this account). I never get the e-mail. I tried e-mail support - that got rejected. I tried a support ticket, that got auto-closed since I’m not on a paid account.

How do I verify my e-mail address?

Please post the ticket #, and we can escalate it to get it reopened.

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Good day, The ticket number is #3005628.


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Thanks for the ticket #. I’ve escalated it to Support.

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Hey there @gmyx

I apologise for the issues reaching out, I have replied to you on ticket #3005628. Please feel free to let me know if you have any further question on the ticket, or here :smiley:

Thanks. I replied to the ticket. Trying to change my e-mail since it is not working well - as can been seen in there.

Thanks again!

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