Unable to verify domain with google postmaster

In tryimg to verify my domain (casperroad.com) with google postmaster, it is unsuccessful:

CNAME Records used for verification need to be :grey: DNS Only.

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I don’t understand what you mean. I added the CNAME record in the DNS settings…

Also, when trying to add the TXT record, “google-site-verification=I8SDfqhZywKmpiH3LN5MNTOg4dOAQHXPqqJRd1REfgA”

I get a DNS Validation error:

I don’t think that’s your validation record. That looks like the record for your actual hosted site’s webserver. EDIT: What Epic said below…

Please post a screenshot of htat.

You show a :orange: proxied hostname in that screenshot. You need to use :grey: DNS Only with verification CNAME records.

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