Unable to verify authentication with google search console

I am trying to find out how I find and transfer verification of ownership of my domain to Google search console.
I purchased the domain from godaddy and it would appear that on the initial drop down menu from Google
Verify domain ownership via DNS recor

I pressed Cloudflare com
my DNS details are now showing differently to godaddy
it is coming up verificatiojn failed. should I go back to Godaddy or is the problem with Cloudflare.
Assistance please, I am not a tech expert so keep it simple as you can!

Are you now using Cloudflare for DNS instead of GoDaddy?
Have you ensured the record is the same in Cloudflare as it is in GoDaddy?
What is the domain?

I contacted go daddy and they informed me it is Cloudflare my domain has gone over to. As I said that was me as I clicked Cloudflare on the google account authentication panel.
I am still able to get on the go daddy site though.

The domain name is jensonprint
Yes I can still access records on go daddy, which record am I to compare to see if they are the same

Is that jensonprint.com?

Co dot uk

I see no TXT records for jensonprint.co.uk. Also see no MX records.

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Thank you, that’s sorted.

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