Unable to Verify Alias Domain (Google/Cloudflare)

Hi, hope you’re fine!

I’ve added two alias domain (o365.xyz.cl and gsuite.xyz.cl) in Google Admin Console and have followed the domain verification instructions several times, also waiting over 72 hours after adding the DNS registers but I’m keeping getting the following error message:

“We’re currently unable to verify your domain. You might need to wait longer for your domain host to update your information. If that doesn’t happen soon, try verifying again.”

I’ve talk to Google support and their recommendation was check-it with Cloudflare.

Does anybody had the same issue and know how to solve it please?


Can you show the records it’s asking you to add? It’s supposed to be public info so there’s no harm in posting them.

Sure, it is a DNS TXT register with:


Before that, it looks like the authoritative nameservers for your domain are ones from dnsmisitio.net; is that your old nameservers?

Not sure, I was not the one who set up the domains at the beginning. Do you know where I can update it?

If you go to your Cloudflare overview page, is the domain ‘active’?


Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 14.26.19

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