Unable to verify account via email due to DNSSEC issue

I’m attempting to address a DNSSEC-related issue that is causing email service disruption from/to certain email providers. In addition to iCloud, it seems the service used to send the Cloudflare account verification messages is also impacted by this issue. In short, I’m unable to use chat support after upgrading to Business since I’m unable to receive the email from Cloudflare to verify my account. Is there another way to verify a new account to engage business support?


Regarding these disruptions, can you please share:

  1. The actual domain name(s) you’re experiencing this with.

  2. The email provider(s).

  3. Any error codes/messages that you see.

  4. What makes you think it is a DNSSEC related issue?

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Hi there @abrothmanBH

Thanks for reaching out to our Community!
Given your description, is it safe to assume you can still access your Cloudflare dashboard?
If so, please register a support ticket by using the dropdown option in the upper right corner and then clicking on “Contact Cloudflare”:

Please make sure to include all details and any relevant screenshots.
Afterward please share the ticket number here, so we can keep track.

Thank you!

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