Unable to use Rank Math with Cloudflare


I have installed Rank Math on WordPress. Cloudflare is not allowing the IPs to go through.

They have asked me to request Cloudflare to whitelist the below IP and user agent:

IP and the user-agent RankMathChecker/2.0.0; https://rankmath.com.

I have created WAF rules but they did not work for me.

Please help me.

Anshul Nischal

What rules did you create? You should also be able to see in your logs, what part of Cloudflare was blocking the requests.


These are the setting and rules. It says allowing but it does not.

I am making the wrong rules I believe.

Anshul Nischal

There is another rule which I created but it never hits that rule

Also, I do not understand where to use the user agent thing. it looks to me more like a Rest API stuff.

Some help will be highly appreciated.

If you search here for the IP, do you get any results? This will tell us what is actually blocking the requests.

I don’t see that IP anywhere. But, when I pause Cloudflare then I am able to use Rank Math properly.

The IP rule that I am setting under WAF does not show anything
The URI rule does not go through the IP which I am looking to

I would change the allow rule to bypass and have it bypass everything. It could also be hitting your first 2 rules.

Yes, I tried that as well. I tried bypassing the security on these rules. But it still did not allow me which is strange. It does not even show the Rank Math IP address.

If you are not seeing blocked in the firewall logs, then it seems it isn’t being blocked by Cloudflare. It would be worth reaching out to Rank Math to see what errors they are getting.

Hello sir,

They say it is being blocked as when we pause Cloudflare we are able to workout rank math.

Also, they mentioned about DNSSEC that it maybe it. But, I have no idea as it is configured automatically