Unable to use own API key(s) for domains which are delegated to my account


A client has delegated administration of their domains to my account and via GUI I can do almost anything. But via API I can not do anything for the client. If I try to create any domains via API they will be tied to my personal account. So far the only working way is to get login name and API keys from the owner of the domain.

Is this part by mistake, by intention or simply not developed yet?

Thank you.


I think this is the same question I came here for. I asked a client for their creds and instead of giving me their login they gave me permission through their Cloudlfare account to my Cloudflare account giving me access to what seems like everything except the API which makes this access useless for me as I’m attempting to integrate a 3rd party plugin which needs only the API key.

Making matters worse, the back end is misleading making it seem like the API info and links is related to the account you are viewing on the summary page but it is not. Trying to search documentation or support on this is also fruitless. I’ll post back when I find any answers.

Will reply to both of you, even though @tomaz.borstnar asked the question a lot of time ago (sorry no one replied…).

As far as I know they are working on an alternative to that system, which should be ready relatively soon (no ETA that I know, but I tried it).


Thanks @matteo I wound up getting the creds from my client but I did open a ticket asking for clarity and I’ll update here once I get a response back but it’s looking like my initial findings are correct, that this type of access currently does not support access to the client’s API.

I don’t disagree there. I am simply stating that soon(ish?) there will be a better solution for it. I know they are working on it, I have it in beta.

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