Unable to use Microsoft WebDeploy through DNS but works with direct IP


I’ve recently encountered a problem with WebDeploy on our servers, if i use the domain linked to the server WebDeploy isn’t working - i get “ERROR_DESTINATION_NOT_REACHABLE”, however - if i do so using the IP directly, it works fine.

does anyone here have any idea what could be causing this? and/or how it could possibly be resolved?

Some documentation I see says it also needs Port 8172, which Cloudflare won’t proxy.

Thanks for the super fast reply - if i make the subdomain “gray-clouded”, does that result in cnames not being flattened correctly?

What i mean is - we have a subdomain for each server, and each instance of a our applications have their own subdomain which we cname to the one pointing to the server - does changing the last one in the chain cause the chain to not work as expected? or will it still work properly?

CNAME flattening is only necessary at the apex domain. It’s generally “not a thing” for subdomains, other than hiding the target by replacing it with an IP address.

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