Unable to use MegaSync with CF Gwateway (certificate pinning ?)

I’m playing with tunnel/access/warp teams and all thoses great tools from cloudflare.

I got almost everything working correctly with Warp Teams and some policies on Cloudflare gateway.

I added Cloudflare Root CA, and it works perfectly for multiple website, but MegaSync Client seems to do some certificate pinning tricks, poping this alert when I try to launch it :


With WARP off, it works immediatly. With WARP on, it fails
I tried to add a “Do Not inspect” policy for multiple mega domain (and even the one called from the megasync app)

(I tried with domain and host as selector, same results).
Any idea to resolve that ?

second post to add the policy rules (yeah … new user can have only one embedded picture per post)