Unable to use Firewall Rule Expression Builder

As showed there

I try to create a Firewall Rule for Bot Management
but any variation of the expression result to

Filter parsing error (1:2): (bot score lt 30 and not verified_bot) ^^^ unknown field

I tried

  • (bot score lt 30 and not verified_bot)
  • (score lt 30 and not verified_bot)
  • (bot score lt 30)
  • (score lt 30)
  • bot score lt 30
  • score lt 30

Going the easy route, this looks like the proper syntax:

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(cf.threat_score lt 30 and not cf.client.bot )

works perfectly :wink:

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:wave: @jodumont,

Bot Management requires an Enterprise account and an optional subscription to the service. If you don’t have that, you can’t build rules based on it. If you do have an Enterprise accoUnt with the feature enabled you should contact your account team for assistance in configuring rules for your zone(s).

Threat score is based on IP reputation and confusingly works on an inverse rating scale where lower numbers are less of a threat (vs lower numbers being less likely to be human for bot management).

— OG


dah if I ask which rule to create and give example it probably because I have access to create these rules

so less is more or more is less ?


if I want high security
but not affect known bot you will do like this ?
(cf.threat_score lt 10 and not cf.client.bot )

how you would call cloudflare ?

:wave: @jodumont,

I would email my account team or enterprise support.

— OG

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