Unable to upload videos - request size to large?

Did Cloudflare recently change their request limits? We have a video integration that allows members to upload files to their version of our software and can be very large files well over 100mb. Only recently cloudflare started blocking any files over 100mb. Is this a recent change? We havent had any issues for years. How do you increase the request limit size?

The HTTP POST limit on free accounts has always been 100MB, you may have just been lucky before.

Business accounts have a 200MB limit and enterprise 500MB. The latter is the only account where you can ask for an increase.


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Okay thank you for the reply. I am very confused how we were able to utilize requests over 700mb for years. Are there ways to increase limits that you know of without going enterprise? We have 100s of clients and would be at great expense to us to utilize enterprise plans for every url just to have a larger limit

The suggested solution is to chop the file up into <100MB chunks in the client side code uploading each part and reassemble on completion at the server side.

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Thank you! I will look into that option.

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