Unable to upload big file on cloudflare using proxy

We are using Cloudflare proxy in this domain and setting a lot of big files in form of chunks. Due to lot of requests Cloudflare proxy block our request after certain of time. After lot of debugging. We couldn’t find the solution. Just lets us now what we are missing.

Heyy, Cloudflare limits the upload size (HTTP POST request size) per plan type:

  • 100MB Free and Pro
  • 200MB Business
  • 500MB Enterprise by default. Contact Customer Support to request a limit increase.

If you require a larger upload, group requests smaller than the upload thresholds or upload the full resource through an unproxied (grey-clouded) DNS record.

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Wanda Thanks for your reply. But when we hit one api on multiple times. It’s block our request. Maybe Cloudflare proxy thinks it’s a DDos attack

Looking at your Cloudflare security events may help you gain insight on what is happening.

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