Unable to upgrade to Pro Plan or update domain settings

I added my domain name(luvr.co.za which is parked with Afrihost, pointing to my website hosted by TMD Hosting)
Nearly 48 hours after updating the DNS records as per instructions on my Cloudfare portal, it still show “Pending”
Since I wanted to get a Pro plan anyhow, and for better support, I tried upgrading, but still my plan show “Free Plan”
Whenever I try get support, I get a very generic, obviously automated response with an “answer”.

Is it even wort trying to use Cloudfare?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

The Pro plan does include some support access that is not available on the free plan, but it still has a five day service level objective (SLO). You will most likely want to come to the community for faster engagement. The Pro plan has great value, but support access is not something I would view as a primary driver for selecting that plan.

I see Cloudflare nameservers and my DNS queries are returning Cloudflare proxy IPs. Is your domain still showing pending in your Cloudflare dashboard?

Not sure coincidence but a few minutes after posting this, it’s been resolved.

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