Unable to upgrade to Paid plan. after refresh page it comes back to free plan

When I purchase a plan, I will receive this email

[Cloudflare]: There was an issue processing your billing request


We were unable to complete the purchase, change, or cancellation of your Cloudflare subscription for .

For additional assistance,refer to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

The Cloudflare Team

Immediately after purchasing a plan, it shows that you are subscribed to the Paid Plan, but when you refresh the page, it reverts to the Free Plan.

It has been going on for two months. Support has also not responded back for 5 days. What is the status now?

There seems to be a problem with cloudflare because I could not make the purchase by entering my credit card directly or using paypal.

ticket: 3248779

This seems like a billing issue, and community isn’t able to help you with that. I suggest you to create a support ticket for assistance:

I have already opened a support ticket.

Looking at other posts in the community, it seems to be the norm to have to wait a month or more for a response to a support ticket.
Should I consider using another IaaS or creating a second account?

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