Unable to Upgrade from Free to Pro

It’s been a month without a resolution for ticket #3242889. I was asked to provide details, including screenshots and a step-by-step process, on how I am attempting to upgrade from the free plan to the pro plan. After submitting all the requested information, I received an update that the issue was escalated to the internal team. It’s now been 16 days since I submitted the details and 10 days since I was informed that it is being reviewed internally.

Till now no response, waiting for support on this!!!

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Hello Sarita,

I do apologize on behalf of the team but we have your case on board and for sure will be taken care.

I will have to ask you to wait a little bit more for the official reply on the ticket.

Sorry once more but have a good week ahead.


Thanks JaimeC, for the update. Can you please provide an estimated time in which this issue will be addressed. It’s been a month and more we have reposted this issue.


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Hi Team,

can you please help us, there is no response from support team.
#3242889 “unable to upgrade from free to pro”