Unable to upgrade cloudflare plans, reseller controlled


When we try to upgrade one of our domains to the pro plan, it throws an error message saying:

“Zones controlled by a reseller are ineligible for self-serve subscriptions”

Our Cloudflare account was created through a 3rd party Cloudflare reseller, but we no longer work with them and they have since been bought out by another company.

Is there a way to unlink our Cloudflare account with them so we can manage the account ourselves?


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You should be able to delete, then re-add the domain in your account. I suggest you export the DNS records first so you can easily set them up again:



Thanks! Looks like this is the only option. In a response to my ticket with Cloudflare, they said they cannot do anything on their end and you must contact the reseller, but that is not an option for us because they closed down their services this month.

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