Unable to upgrade account

I’m unable to upgrade our account from the Free to Pro version - we have tried multiple payment forms - credit card and Paypal on different browsers, unsuccessfully. The button keeps loading alongside 404 errors. Has anyone had this resolved?

I already wrote to billing@ and waiting for an answer, our ticket is #2451936.

Cheers, Evey

Hi @user184101,
Please reply to the ticket from the super administrator email so that our team can further assist you.

Thanks, @Laurie, I’ve replied

Hi @user184101,
Your email address is not the super administrator for the account. That email needs to reply there, or create a ticket from within the dashboard as billing details will only be shared with that user.

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Thanks, @Laurie done

HI @user184101,

Thanks I see the reply and have assigned the ticket to our billing specialists, please reply to the ticket with the error you are seeing when attempting to create a billing profile as there are no details there, beyond that you cannot upgrade.

Thanks, @Laurie !

We have added the screenshots. We don’t see any frontend errors, just the button to Save the Payment keeps loading

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