Unable to update nameservers in Squarespace

Frustration is setting in. I followed the steps recommended by Cloudflare to transfer my domain from Squarespace. I received an email from Cloudflare that stated that in order for my transfer to go through I needed to update my nameservers.

I log into Squarespace navigate to the nameservers, I delete the 4 that Cloudflare advises removing and attempt to replace with the Cloudflare nameservers. Squarespace will not allow me to save. I keep getting an error message.

I email Squarespace support and request assistance, after trying every suggestion they have they determine that it’s because my domain hasn’t transferred and that I need Cloudflare to help me.

I’m at a loss, Cloudflare says I need to update the nameservers to complete the transfer and Squarespace says the transfer must be complete in order to change the nameservers.

Someone, please help. I know that there seems to be a lot of issues with moving from Squarespace to Cloudflare. So those of you who have figured it out, what am I missing?

Thanks for your assistance.

Can you share the domain name @sarah.stabler.lmt? Are you attempting to transfer a domain name to cloudflare registrar or are you trying to enable cloudflare for the first time?

Removing the old nameservers and updating to cf sounds like you’re getting cloudflare set up. In order to move the domain name to cf registrar, you first need to have the site active on Cloudflare.

You’ve tried this and it didn’t work?

You might have difficulty making the jump to Cloudflare and may need to use temporary name servers like dns.he.net (click this). This way, Squarespace can verify that you have DNS records (hopefully you’ve got some IP addresses or CNAMEs to add). Once Squarespace lets you swap those out, you can add that domain to Cloudflare, change nameservers (to Cloudflare this time), and then do the Registrar transfer.

It sounds exhausting. :dizzy_face:

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And, remove all other nameservers as well

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