Unable to update my theme on my wordpress website

Hello, I am encountering problems when I try to upgrade my current theme on my website. The support team deeply investigated the issue and they came up with the result that, there is a blockage from Cloudflare.

I have found that it’s in fact Cloudflare that is blocking them – when your site is making a request to our API server, it only receives a page generated by Cloudflare, showing a captcha. This is some kind of security feature from Cloudflare.

How I can solve this problem?

This sounds like your security settings have been increased in your Cloudflare control panel. Ive known many wordpress site owners including my self to proxy through Cloudflare and not have this issue.

By any chance under the firewall section of the Cloudflare dashboard is the security level set to high?

Security level is low.

I don’t have any rules in the firewall section.

Can anyone help me on the issue?

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