Unable to update DNS with DNS-O-Matic

I’m trying to update my A DNS record with DNS-O-Matic but I always get “err Invalid request headers (6003)”

These are my settings in Cloudflare and DNS-O-Matic:

But when I try to update the IP I get that error.
Where I’m wrong?

It looks like they use the old API method which requires the email and global API key which you can at the bottom of this page.
Please note that the global API token grants them write access to all your accounts and zones on Cloudflare

Thx for reply, it is strange that they didn’t update the api and it is a suggested method from Cloudflare itself
There is a way to change global api key?

You can rotate the global API key, but you can’t change it on a per-use basis.

I see.
Well I start using it with global API waiting them to update to new apis

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