Unable to turn on ACCESS / subdomain protection

Hi, if anybody can please help ~> I want to password protect my subdomain on my website and I believe CloudFlare Access could do that?

But I am unable to add an Application in ACCESS. I’ve read through community and google and not finding any much resources. I’ve seen that I should try to manually put the URL like this but same issue:



Screen grab of the problem: https://monosnap.com/file/LaSSoN1WoMuUHr60hIn80Nv44WYH7V

  • I’ve added a payment method (Free up to 50 users).
  • I see an error in the bottom right on the page it says “Access is not enabled Visit the Access dashboard at dash . cloudflare . com and click the “Enable Access” button” .
  • I’ve done this multiple of times… it takes me to the payment screen, I choose Free with my payment method, then when I click on Access > Applications in the left menu column, i still see this error in the bottom right.

When I try to put a subdomain anyway like staging . cloudflareaccess . com , I get an error underneath the input box “Access api error auth_domain_not_available”

Any tips or advise would help. Thank You.

staging.cloudflareaccess.com is already taken by another customer. If you enter a unique (to you) subdomain, does it allow you to proceed?

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Hi I think that was the problem! I just put my company name in there instead (probably not taken) and it worked. Thank you!

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