Unable to Transfer Premium Domains

Good evening everyone.

I’ve run into an issue attempting to transfer domains fromm both park.io and porkbun.com. The error message I recieve is:

Something went wrong…

Unable to transfer a premium domain <example.com>.

The following domains failed to transfer:

Yet the names I’m trying to transfer are not premium domain names, they all have the standard price for that particular TLD and when purchased there was never a mention of being a “premium” domain.

I have purchased premium domains in the past so I am familiar with them so I’m a little lost as to what I can do to get them transferred over to Cloudflare.

I’m hoping someone from the Cloudflare team can give direction as to what process I need to take to get these domain unregistered as premium or if possible pointed in the right direction. Thank you so much!

Premium domains are not available with Cloudflare Registrar.

Hi @epic.network thank you for the response.

@epic.network the thing is, the domais that I’m attempting to transfer over are not premium domains or at least I don’t believe them to be premium domains. Is there a way to easily verify whether a domain is a premium domain or not?

I’ve only ever had to deal transferring one premium domain, so I don’t have a go to answer.

I don’t know if this will help. It looks like you have to set up a demo reseller account and have a static IP to use this API.


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Thanks for all your help @epic.network, I do really appreciate it.

In the end I moved the domain from park.io to porkbun.com. I believe this to be a bug on CloudFlares end so i’ll create a ticket.

Thanks again

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Once you have opened a registrar ticket from your Cloudflare account dashboard, you can share the number here and we can escalate it if you would like.

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