Unable to transfer out domain name


Trying to transfer domain in my Cloudflare account to google domains.

When I click manage next to the domain, or any domain, I get a blank centre screen.

Instructions on the site and from ‘technical support’ tell me to click on configuration, but there is no such link visible.

‘technical support’ have stopped replying to me for some reason, can anyone help with this please?

Surely this should be so simple to execute?

Thanks in advance.



Probably they are slowed down by multiple tickets. Do not open more than one ticket, it slows the reply for everyone you are trying to push in front of, including you.

I suspect you need to login to the account you used to purchase the domain, and add it back. You’ve deleted from your account.

circa 10 days from original reply encouraged the need to create another ticket, which is not exactly impatient? no other domain provider in the last 20 years has taken that long to respond ime.

you suspect incorrectly as the problem existed both before and after the domain was deleted, the situation was identical.

I do see an error Domain Status: clienttransferprohibited https://icann.org/epp#clienttransferprohibited.

I do not know if that is related to updates to the domain or the escalation to Trust & Safety. You will need to work with the T&S team to resolve the issue as neither Support nor anyone on the Community has visibility into the replies to that team.

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