Unable to transfer my domain to Cloudflare

On 10 July i made a request to transfer my domain to Cloudflare and i was billed for transfer after 5 days the status was pending and the website went down as the domain expired

i Submitted a ticket and the bot replied as the below

We have found issues with domains mentioned below that are preventing them from being transferred to Cloudflare’s registrar.

> Current Registrar: NameSilo, LLC

** We have detected a lock on the domain at the registrar level, this will prevent any transfer from proceeding. Please contact your current registrar (NameSilo, LLC) to have this lock removed.*

i contacted the old Registrar the unlocked the domain

i tried to restart the transfer once again and it was mentioned that i will not be charged for the same domain again i was charged again and i get an error while transferring the domain

“could not create subscription”

Hi @ahmed.diaa did you get this worked out? My colleagues from the #reliability:registrar and #general:billing team will be in the Community, lmk if you are encountering issues and we’ll flag your post for their attention.

Hi cloonan

Unfortunately it’s not working till now,

we need to proceed forward with it

I am sorry for the trouble here, the team will ensure you are not billed twice and will work with you on ticket 2503003. I will escalate this topic for their attention.

I have had the same issue. Billing support keeps asking me to transfer the domain and then they will help with refunds, but each attempt leads to more charges. Currently, I’ve been billed 4 times and it’s still saying “Could not create subscription”.

Unfortunately, no help from technical services at Cloudflare.

almost 7 days with no response from any one, as am using the free plan that doesn’t mean i don’t have to get supported, this will never let me think of upgrading my account

Thank you for your continued patience on this matter.

We aim to provide you with a followup update in the ticket asap

Our Billing team have confirmed the refund in your ticket.

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