Unable to Transfer .mobi Domain

Good Morning All,

For the past few days I have been trying to transfer a handful of .mobi domains into Cloudflare but all my attempts have failed, I have confirmed CF support .mobi TLD by checking TLD Policies | Cloudflare

When I to transfer into CF i get to the final stage of the transfer process where I get the helpful error Please retry transferring this domain. You have not been charged

I have confirmed that

  • DNSEC is disabled
  • The Outgoing Registry Domain locks are tuned off
  • Auth codes are correct and entered correctly
  • List item DNS Set to Cloudflare
  • Domains are well over 60 days old and have not been transferred in the last 60 day either

One thing to note under domain registration the current registrar is shown as Registrar:
Unknown , I have transfer already transferred a bunch of non .mobi domains from this registrar already with out any problem

I am a little stuck on where to go with this, I have raised with CF support 5 days ago but haven’t heard anything back, so any help would be appreciated


still nothing back from support but on the CF portal it states there is currently maintenance on the .mobi domain today (16th November)

Afilias Registry maintenance on November 16th from 11:30 UTC to 24:00 UTC.

During this window domains in the TLDs listed below will not be available for registration, transfer or updates:
.bet, .bio, .blue, .green, .info, .io, .kim, .lgbt, .llc, .lotto, .mobi, .organic, .pet, .pink, .poker, .pro, .promo, .red.

lets hope this solves my issue

Unfortunately I still have the issue and still not heard anything from support :frowning:

Can you please post the ticket # so we can escalate it?

I have been keeping an eye on this thread for a few weeks now, im also having this problem, hoping this gets fixed soon

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