Unable to transfer domains (No option to add them)

When I go to the transfer domains page, all I see is a list of domains (one of them) that I’m unable to transfer. I don’t want to transfer that one anymore, I want to transfer other domains. But I don’t see anywhere to add them.

Clicking the ‘Cancel’ button just takes me to my ‘Websites’ list page.

I think this is a bug.

What are the TLDs of the other domains? Are they also .com? If not, are they on this list? Only TLDs supported by Cloudflare can be transferred.

Yes, they are all .coms

But I don’t even see any way to enter them anywhere. I see no input fields to write my domains.

You cannot manually add domains to that list, when domains qualify for transfer (they are active on cf, the TLD is supported, and they meet icann transfer rules), the domains will show on that list.

Go here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/domains/transfer and you can see an explanation if a domain cannot be transferred.

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