Unable to transfer domains after disable WhoisGuard

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My domains are registered on namecheap.com. Some of my domains have been transferred to Cloudflare successfully. However, some of them are in the “Unable to transfer” tab. I checked the FAQ and have disabled the WhoisGuard option. However, they are still in the unable tab.
On the Namecheap admin panel, I can obtain the auth code for transferring out. However, on the Cloudflare panel, transferring is not possible.

Are there any solutions to transferring these domains to Cloudflare manually? I suppose as long as I have the auth code, the transferring should be possible.

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What’s the TLD (the domain extension)? Is it one of the two-letter country codes (ccTLD)?

Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention that my domains failed to transfer end with .club and .me.

.me, definitely not, as it’s a ccTLD (two-letter TLD)
And it turns out .club just isn’t on the list. So that’s why they’re unable to transfer. No ETA on when (or if) those will be supported by Cloudflare Registrar.


Thanks for your answer and I fully aware of the issue. Appreciate your swift reply. Maybe a link to the TLD policies on the “unable to transfer” tab can help users to know the policies.

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