Unable to Transfer Domain to Cloudflare

Dear Team,

I was trying to Transfer my domain to Cloud flare, but I’m not even able to add my domain name for Transfer. There is No Text Box / Dropdown / or any other option to Add my Domain. Pls Refer to the Picture attached.

What Can I do to transfer my domain?

By the Way, why doesn’t Cloudflare provide Regular Support like Other Registrars?


Which domain is it?

I don’t see an option to enter a domain name. Pls read the description once again.

That means your domain is not on Cloudflare, which means you cant transfer it in the first place. You first need to add it.

My domain is currently on namecheap, and it has to be transferred to cloudflare.

I can’t even see the option to add domain. Without getting an option to add domain, how can I add the domain?


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