Unable to transfer domain to CloudFlare - April 2021

I want to transfer all my domain registration to CloudFlare. But the first one I tried appears in the “Unable to Transfer” list and alongside the domain name it says " Requires [Full DNS Setup]"
I have a vald EPP code and other registrants - for example SiteGround are able to transfer the domain.
Surely there is a simple step that I am missing here. Help greatly appreciated - thank you, Paul

Cloudflare most likely does not support that domain’s particular TLD at this point. You can only transfer those TLD Policies | Cloudflare

This will be most likely a partial setup. In order to transfer a domain, you have to use it in the context of a proper setup, which means you need to have it added to your Cloudflare accout and assigned Cloudflare nameservers.

Thank you Sandro
I am sure that CloudFlare must support a TLD of .org?
Reference DNS - I have checked and the DNS is handled by SiteGround who are a CloudFlare partner.
And CloudFlare currently do have the .org domain active in their system - just we cannot transfer the registration to CloudFlare.
Do we then have to transfer all of the DNS to CloudFlare?
If I check the CloudFlare DNS tab for the .org domain it says:
" Partner hosted zone
Your DNS zone file is hosted by SiteGround.com , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website."
Thank you

This is not necessarily a given, but in this particular case it does. From your message it appears that domain is on a partner setup. That would mean you’d have to remove that and first set it up on a full account.

Which domains are we talking about?


Yes, that domain is on a partner setup and you will have to set that up on a full account first.

For that, remove the Cloudflare integration on your host’s side and add the domain to your Cloudflare account as described under support.cloudflare.com. Once the domain is set up on Cloudflare you should be able to transfer it.

thank you - I will give that a go tomorrow…

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