Unable to transfer domain, receiving error 'Forbidden access to domain' despite 100% correct auth code 100%

I get an error ‘Forbidden Access to Domain’ when I input the auth code. I’ve had my registrar change the auth code twice, and I entered those too, and still receiving the same error.

What’s the domain?

That domain does not appear to be active in your account. It’s using what looks like Namecheap name servers.

Already discussed just two days ago:

Thanks. It just expired today. I’ve been trying to transfer it. I Can’t update nameservers now.
Why do I need nameservers changed when I have the auth code for the transfer.
It seems unnecessary.
Other transfers haven’t required nameserver changes …

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I have the exact same situation.

I’m trying to transfer domain to Cloudflare, but domain has been expired at GoDaddy, and I can’t change name servers.

When I enter domain Authorization code and try to Confirm and Finalize Transfer, I get the error:

Something went wrong…
Forbidden access to domain.

I have previously transferred expired domains to Cloudflare with no problems.

Why does it matter what are the current name servers? Once the authorization code is entered and the domain is transferred to Cloudflare, the old name servers are no longer valid anyway.

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