Unable to Transfer domain name from Freenom [SOLVED]


Did anyone transfer the domain name from Freenom? Im unable to transfer my domain. I removed Whois protection and disabled Transfer lock and provided the auth key, Cloudflare doesn’t give proper message and says something went wrong. Freenom said they did not get any transfer attempt from Cloudflare.

I noticed some characters like semicolon and equal sign, could this be the reason?

Ticket is opened #2276122

I’ll escalate this, but Freenom’s been notoriously unreliable lately, so this might be due the same issue.

Previously I did transfer one of domain from Freenom to Onlydomains without any hassle. Do not know why Cloudflare has trouble with transfer request.

Freenom’s own website is in maintenance mode atm :man_shrugging:

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I just now tried and it worked well. So, probably their some shits were down! Thanks all :wink:

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