Unable to transfer domain from NameCheap to Cloudflare


I’m transferring domain name from NameCheap to CloudFlare but it doesn’t recognize Auth Code. There’s just red X

What to do?

Are you seeing the red x in namecheap or cloudflare?

NameCheap gave me the code via email

Dug around a bit internally and the best recommendation I’ve found is to contact your current registrar and request that they issue a different EPP key and then retry the transfer. We have added the ability to retry a rejected, failed or canceled domain transfer to the Overview page, and you won’t be charged again. If you navigate to the overview page for the zone, you should be able to restart the transfer process. I’d go the route of restarting even if the key your registrar issues is the same as the key you already have.

I ended up contacting NameCheap and they issued a new Auth Code.
Dunno how this happened but it’s all good now.