Unable to transfer domain away from Cloudflare

I’m trying to transfer my domain away from Cloudflare to IONOS, I unlocked the domain and then it asked me to put in the tag of the registrar I want to transfer to, I put IONOS as that is what they told me was their IPS TAG, however it gave me an error and immediately sent me an e-mail saying " This is confirmation that you have rejected the transfer request to migrate [domain] from Cloudflare to a new registrar. We have reapplied the registrar locks on the domain and informed the new registrar that the request has been rejected."

Now whenever I try to unlock the domain it gives me an error saying “Something went wrong. Please try again.”

I’ve opened a ticket with support but not sure how long that will take so I thought I’d ask the community if anyone can help? Thanks in advance!

What is that ticket number?

Thanks for your reply, it’s 2692692

Using whois I show IONOS as the registrar for that domain, although Cloudflare shows as registrar in the dash. I suspect this may be a timing issue for the information to get in sync but will add myself to your ticket and flag this post for my colleagues to review.

Thanks for your help, yes I see that in the WHOIS too, IONOS displays the status as still waiting for the IPS tag to change, are you able to see if the change I made took effect?

I still see an unlock option so am not sure. What happens if you select that unlock option again?
Go here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/domains, select manage, select configuration and then click unlock. Is that when you get the Something went wrong message?

Did the domain just renew on 12 Jan of this year? If so, wondering if the icann 60 lock is preventing transfer.

Yes that’s when I get the something went wrong message, I just tried it again and same result.

The domain was transferred to Cloudflare on 25th Jan 2022 with an expiry on 12th Jan 2024, so it shouldn’t have just renewed and I’ve not had any payments due this month for it.

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That ICANN 60 days lock down should only apply to domains for:

  • 60 days following the initial registration
  • 60 days following a previous transfer
  • 60 days following a change of registrant details

Renewals shouldn’t change a thing, unless at least one of the other three things are matching, too.


None of those 3 things are the case

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Thank you, my colleague is speaking with the registrar team regarding this. Sorry for the trouble you are facing @dancld


Thanks, I did have a reply to the ticket from someone called Daniel, I got back to them but haven’t heard anything since.

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Yes, he is working on it with the team


Ok thanks, fingers crossed it can be resolved soon

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